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Products that Pop off the Shelves

There’s more to this glass than meets the eye.

Sure, it has a lovely faceted tulip shape, but the picture already tells that story. The key with creative content is to take the story—and the reader’s imagination—to a place beyond the image itself.

Yes, this Duralex tempered glass tumbler is 2.5x as strong as ordinary glass (it has superpowers!), is stackable (great for compact storage), affordably priced, and can withstand temperature extremes from -4°F to 212°F, making it a versatile option for both hot and cold beverages.

Features and benefits, are obviously important. But story helps transport the customer from the practical to the aspirational.

The secret to this glass’s lasting allure? Its identity as the quintessential French café tumbler, instantly infusing it with romantic Parisian flair. Like the 1945 originals, it’s still made in France, lending both authenticity (i.e., confidence in quality) and a sense of nostalgia (emotional value).

While the photograph helps lure the customer, the content clinches the sale. Through the magic of story, this glass becomes more than a sturdy drinking vessel. It ignites the imagination, inspiring images of relaxed afternoons in France sipping café au laits, sparkling lemonades, or table wines.

We don’t need to tell a lengthy story to make a product story pop, just enough to whet the palate (so to speak) and let the customer’s imagination take flight.

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